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Give me radioactive toy
8 April
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an educated fool with money on my mind

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75 lbs, addiction, adventures, agent provocateur, alcohol, amnesia, andrew lloyd webber, angels, anorexia, back in time, barbie, beach, billy and mandy, blue horizon, brands, breakfast at tiffany`s, broken dreams, bvlgari, chloe, chocolate, classics, clothes, clubmusic, clubs, coca-cola light, coffee, confessions, crime, criminology, culture, dancing, depression, desperate housewifes, deviation, diamonds, dj, dolce and gabbana, dolls, dolores haze, dreamers, dressing up, drugs, dune, fairy tales, fake, fantasy, fashion, fashion design, fever, fine arts, flowers, foam party, frey wille, friends, fuck, fuss, ginger, glamour, goa, good girls, grass, great expectations, guilt, hair, haute couture, head in the clouds, heart of darkness, honey, hope, hot stuff, humour, ibiza, ice, ice cream, iceberg, imagination, jeans, kate moss, kiss, law, lip gloss, literature, love, love metall, luscious apparatus, lust, man slaughter, maniacs, marc jacobs, misunderstanding, miu miu, movies, murder on the dancefloor, music, never say never, new faces, oddity, paranoid syndrome, photography, pina colada, pink, poems, poetry, pret-a-porter, psychology, rain, reading, religion, rock, romance, sand, sea, sex, sex and the city, shiva, shopping, singing in the rain, sky, sleeping, smoking, snoopy, snow, space, spirited away, sport cars, spring, starbucks, stars, style, suicide, summer, sun, sunglasses, sunset, supergirls, tan, thoughts, tolkien, tomorrow, travelling, twice as nice, twiggy, vanilla, vanity, vintage, virgin suicides, vogue, white gold

Social capital

  • less than 10